Stairs – What Are they Good For?

Stairs, for some, are a necessary evil. We need them to get up and down to the different floors in our home, but sometimes, they end up being more in the way. We look longingly at the space that they take up, and we wonder what could have been, had there only been more space in your home. The good news is, there are a couple of ways that you can renovate your staircase so that it saves space and is more useful.

Storage Area

The most obvious use for a staircase is that you use the area underneath to store things. You can build a closet underneath there and put in a couple of shelves, and there you go. A lot of people will use the storage area under their staircase in order to store more food; that way, they’ve got more room in the kitchen for appliances.

stair book shelfBookshelf

This is probably the most unique thing that you can do with your staircase. By taking some shelves and building them into the underside of the staircase, you can make bookshelves and/or shelves that you can use to display certain items in your home. Bookshelves take up a lot of space, so if you can make them more compact, you better well do it! You may want to talk to a contractor or some commercial painters before you try this, so that you don’t compromise the integrity of the staircase that you are using for the project, but many times, you can actually do it without making many changes to the way the staircase is set up.

Hidey Hole

If you have a larger, open area underneath the staircase, why not renovate it into a little hidey hole? Make it somewhere that your kids can go if they need to take a moment to calm down, or use it as somewhere that you can meditate, away from the rest of the world. You can fill it with peaceful drawings, put a beanbag in there, get some lighting, and you will be set to go. It may be a little too small for some people, but for others, this area is perfect.

The possibilities are endless! There are so many different things that you can do with your staircase, and it only takes a few changes to make sure that you can get the most out of that space. What are you going to do with your staircase?

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Where Do I Put My Guests?

guest bedroomIf you are someone like me, then you entertain people all of the time. There are always people going in and out of the house, all year round. And as their hostess, it’s my job to make sure that they feel comfortable while they are there. In the most ideal of situations, I have an area that I’ve put together so that they can be comfortable during their whole stay. If you’re considering a renovation, have you considered where you are going to put your guests? Here are two ideas that are becoming popular with many homeowners.

Adding a Guest Bedroom

This may take a bit of work, or it may not. After I moved out of the home that I grew up in, my family converted my bedroom into a guest bedroom. This is a pretty common practice (with the right heating & air conditioning company) – there’s really not any other use for those rooms after the kids have moved out of the house, so why not convert them into a guest room? If you don’t have an extra room, however, how can you find the space to add one in? Don’t forget, you’ve got your whole house to work with – you can even use finished parts of the basement or attic and convert them into convenient room(s) for the people who come to stay with you.

Considering a Guest House

This is a bit more of an adventure, but it could really make visitors feel welcome and excited about visiting. You can build a house outdoors that is basically a miniature version of a home. Putting a guest home in the backyard is actually becoming a huge trend – that way, your guests have the privacy of their own space, without having to pay the price of going to a hotel or some other costly endeavor. They can usually be pretty inexpensive to make, and you can spruce them up with comfortable beds and other fun things that can help your visitors feel like they are home, even though they most certainly are not!

There are so many different places that you can put your guests, and if you take the time to decorate and invest in those spaces, they can be incredibly comfortable while they are there as well. No matter what you decide, investing in a guest area in your home can be the best way to entertain friends and family who wish to visit you.

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The Fun and Convenience of the Hidden Room

hidden roomHave you ever watched those detective shows, where you see the detective digging around for a specific thing, only to find that one of the walls moves when he or she touches it? That hidden room effect is one that has intrigued many of us, and if you’re like me, you’ve wondered if that could be a possibility in your own home.

Why Have a Hidden Room?

There are a lot of practical reasons that you may want to consider having a hidden room in your home as part of your next set of renovations. First, if you have a smaller home and you don’t really have a lot of space, a hidden room can be a neat little place that you use for a guest room or that you store books and other items that don’t necessarily have to be displayed out in the open. Or, it just could be somewhere that is a little more soundproof and hidden so that people in your home can study, meditate, watch TV, or do other things that help them relax. Basically, a hidden room can have any purpose that any other type of room can have – it’s just got that added little quirk!

How Difficult Is It to Do?

The answer to this question is “it depends.” If you don’t have a lot of space and flexibility in your home, you may find it difficult to make a hidden room that is large enough for any use. But, if you have some empty spaces throughout your home that could possibly make due for a room, consider putting a hidden room together. The most important part is how you’re going to hide it. Many people will use a bookshelf that can push in so that you can enter in. Others will be hidden under sets of stairs – all you have to do is press a button or lift up, and you’re in. There really isn’t anything off limits with it, so let your imagination run wild and hide that room away!

So yes, you too can feel like the supervillain with the hidden lair, or the hero with the hidden area where they plan how to catch the villains. Or, you know, you could just save some space and have a little bit of fun by putting a hidden room into your house. Either way, it’s a great idea and can be a lot of fun for you and your family.

hidden house design

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