The success of a construction project largely depends on the choice of a general contractor. This individual acts as the manager of the project, and he has several roles to play before the project is completed. Sometimes it becomes tricky to make a choice of a general contractor. There are several assessments that one needs to make before contracting a construction expert.


Expertise is crucial to the success of a construction project. One of the assessments that the owner of the contract makes entails the experience of the general contractor. Different projects require different skills, and it is important for the project owner to identify the right contractor for the project at hand. Additionally, there is a need to identify the unique capabilities that the contract holds. Sometimes referrals help in identifying an experienced contractor.


Efficient general contractors should have sufficient resources at their disposal. They should have a strong network of reliable sub-contractors, adequate staff for both administrative and management tasks, and ability to undertake self-performing work. The latter resource helps the general contractor in having oversight over processes, costs and schedule.


Communication is an integral component of a construction project. Efficient general contractors should have a good rapport with sub-contractors and clients. They should also manage to get ideas from the heads of their clients. Good communication skills enable the project works to run smoothly and on a timely basis.

Value-engineering ideas

A general contractor should posses the ability to come up with a perspective that is geared towards the interest of the project. This aspect calls for the contractor to work with the engineers, but advise them on approaches that match with the objective of the project. Notably, the subject perspective can appear different from that of the architects and engineers on site.

Financial responsibility

General contractors who display strong financial responsibility in their own business practices stand as the best for a construction project. A general contractor who fails to raise a bond, or who asks for upfront payments lacks financial responsibility. Additionally, the contractor should manage to give accurate estimates of the costs as one way of exhibiting financial responsibility.


General contractors act as the overall stewards of a project. They should possess quality attributes that will ensure that the construction project becomes successful in its completion. Sometimes it is not possible to switch from one contractor to another due to contracting. Therefore, it is important for a project owner to select a general contractor carefully.