guest bedroomIf you are someone like me, then you entertain people all of the time. There are always people going in and out of the house, all year round. And as their hostess, it’s my job to make sure that they feel comfortable while they are there. In the most ideal of situations, I have an area that I’ve put together so that they can be comfortable during their whole stay. If you’re considering a renovation, have you considered where you are going to put your guests? Here are two ideas that are becoming popular with many homeowners.

Adding a Guest Bedroom

This may take a bit of work, or it may not. After I moved out of the home that I grew up in, my family converted my bedroom into a guest bedroom. This is a pretty common practice (with the right heating & air conditioning company) – there’s really not any other use for those rooms after the kids have moved out of the house, so why not convert them into a guest room? If you don’t have an extra room, however, how can you find the space to add one in? Don’t forget, you’ve got your whole house to work with – you can even use finished parts of the basement or attic and convert them into convenient room(s) for the people who come to stay with you.

Considering a Guest House

This is a bit more of an adventure, but it could really make visitors feel welcome and excited about visiting. You can build a house outdoors that is basically a miniature version of a home. Putting a guest home in the backyard is actually becoming a huge trend – that way, your guests have the privacy of their own space, without having to pay the price of going to a hotel or some other costly endeavor. They can usually be pretty inexpensive to make, and you can spruce them up with comfortable beds and other fun things that can help your visitors feel like they are home, even though they most certainly are not!

There are so many different places that you can put your guests, and if you take the time to decorate and invest in those spaces, they can be incredibly comfortable while they are there as well. No matter what you decide, investing in a guest area in your home can be the best way to entertain friends and family who wish to visit you.

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